Welcome to Reuther Central High School


This week is FINALS WEEK…

January 15th – NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

January 16th – Regular day

Final Exams Day 1 -January 17th
Block 1: 7:50-9:50
Block 2: 10:00-12:00

Transition & Skill Building – Normal Schedule (8-11 & 12:30-3:30) 

Final Exams Day 2 -January 18th
Block 3: 7:50–9:50
Block 4: 10:00-12:00



January 19th – NO SCHOOL











Transition & Skill Building – Normal Schedule (8-11 & 12:30-3:30)





Incoming Freshman: Thinking about Reuther as your High School Choice – Submit your School of Choice Forms by Friday, January 19th.  Interviews will be held during the week of Feb 5th.


2017 Reuther Homecoming




What: 2018 Reuther yearbook

Cost: $35 (if ordered by December 31st 2017) OR $40 (if ordered after January 1st 2018)

How: Jostens Website with credit card OR an order form- with cash or check- at the Reuther main office


 Want to Attend Reuther but not enrolled yet? Complete this Reuther Application and return to Reuther’s Main Office.  An interview will be set up once your completed application is received.

For more information on Reuther’s Programs, click here



Wisconsin Act 311 – Information Regarding Making Threats Against a School

It is imperative that parents and guardians are aware of a new state statute enacted in April 2016 that creates the crime of terrorist threats. Act 311 generally states that any individual who makes real or false claims regarding shootings, bomb threats or to cause any other bodily harm to others is guilty of a Class I felony. Since its enactment, local law enforcement has started charging individuals, including students, in line with Act 311 if they have made threats against our schools. Making threats is not a joking matter and individuals may face fines and/or imprisonment for their actions, whether intentional or not. Please speak to your children about the severity of making threats and the toll it will take on their future if they choose to make such a terrible choice. Learn more: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/related/lcactmemo/act311.

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Do you have a family friend or member who is interested in attending Reuther?

Check out this video to see why Reuther is a great place to learn!

Reuther is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 School Year.  You may obtain an application in the Reuther Main Office or by clicking on the below link:

Application Process – Walter Reuther Central High School – Kenosha, Wisconsin

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jon Otto at (262) 359-7583.


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